Mowry Law helps landowners, operators and developers with a wide range of land and energy issues in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. Our services include energy and land transactions & agreements, mineral and oil and gas title opinionsreal property title curative requirements, probate and estate administration. We also help agricultural operators with a wide range of their land, mineral and other property concerns. Scroll down for more on how we can help with your legal matters.




Mining, oil and gas

We help energy companies operating in Rocky Mountain states execute their development programs, and we also advise real estate developers on their surface development projects when mineral ownership presents concerns. We counsel mining clients on claim location and maintenance, multiple minerals development issues, permitting and operational concerns. Our services for both mining companies and oil and gas operators, as well as for real estate developers include mineral ownership opinions, title examination, permitting, due diligence, transactions and title curative. We are here to help you navigate the complexities and challenges of subsurface mineral ownership in any context.


Mineral Title Examination and Curative

We prepare all types of title opinions for oil and gas as well as mining properties on fee, state and federal lands. We assist developers in establishing and understanding federal exploratory units, and we also counsel our clients on environmental and tribal matters. We routinely work with landmen, brokers and title companies and help our clients connect with other industry professionals best suited to meet their abstracting and brokerage needs. Where title defects create problems, we help owners of mineral interests cure record title defects and establish marketable title through our title curative services, including probate and estate administration and corrective instruments.

Oil and Gas Agreements

We negotiate and draft agreements related to development, purchase or divestment of assets for oil and gas industry participants across our jurisdictional area. We counsel parties to all types of agreements on the best language to accomplish their goals and safeguard their interests. We complete due diligence on properties contemplated for purchase or sale, and we help our clients understand the related risks in transactions affecting their interests. We also advise operators on any of their permitting, well spacing, and pooling concerns and can help them obtain the necessary permits to stay in compliance with the regulatory schemes where they operate.



Renewable energy projects often require vast tracts of land, and securing the ownership of or right to use that land can involve many legal complications for developers and landowners alike. With extensive experience in land title, we help developers prepare a wide range of contracts and agreements necessary for the successful completion of an alternative energy project. We also help landowners negotiate wind energy agreements, including leases, options, access agreements and easements for construction, transmission, non-obstruction, encroachment and noise concerns, at the same time safeguarding the most important priorities for their land.





Whether you need assistance buying or selling your home, commercial property or raw land, Mowry Law can help with the necessary title searches, contract preparation and closing concerns. We have extensive experience assisting both residential and commercial clients with mineral ownership opinions and mineral sales or reservations in conjunction with their transactions. We frequently provide consultations for landowners with concerns about easements, rights-of-way, surface uses, land use regulations, zoning, mortgages, deeds of trust, liens and other encumbrances. 



We help ranchers, farmers and people involved in agriculture understand and manage the complexities of their property rights and responsibilities, particularly when their mineral rights are at issue. We guide farmers and ranchers through leasing, property purchases and sales, water rights adjudications, mineral ownership questions, the creation of conservation easements, access and surface use agreements, boundary disputes and quiet title actions in all of the states where we are licensed. In emerging natural resources industries like wind and solar, we also offer our services for related land and severed property rights concerns.


A decedent’s estate may contain real property and mineral interests that are often overlooked in an original estate administration, typically when located outside the decedent’s state of residence. We help administer deceased family members’ estates through formal or informal proceedings and can guide real property owners through the additional steps necessary to transfer title to a deceased owner’s successors. We also help guide successors through proceedings for decrees of heirship and declaratory judgment actions. Succession and estate administration vary widely in different states, and we can properly advise landowners on these differences.


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